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Four Things To Know About Towing Your Totaled Vehicle

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If you have been in an accident in which your vehicle has been totaled, you may be confused as to how to proceed about getting your totaled vehicle out of the road and towed to a safe location. Here are four things that you should know about towing your totaled vehicle:

  1. Coverage: When hiring a towing company after being involved in an accident, it's best just to call the towing company that you receive coverage from through your insurance company. If the accident was not your fault, you may be wondering whether or not you should have the opposite party's towing coverage provide coverage for your vehicle, but in the midst of an accident, it's best just to worry about coverage later on once a claim has been made and a police report has been filed out. 
  2. Be Prepared to Pay Out of Pocket: When you hire a towing service that your insurance company will compensate for, keep in mind that your insurance company will only cover up to a certain number of miles. This is why it's best to get your vehicle towed to the closest place possible. This is going to save you on some out-of pocket expenses. -
  3. Decide on Location: There are a few options that you have as far as selecting a location to take your totaled vehicle to. You can have your vehicle towed to an impound lot that your towing company works with, tow it to a repair shop, or ask your insurance where they feel is the best location for towing. Either option you choose, your vehicle will be in a safe spot and that's all that really matters. You may just want to decide which of these three options are closest so that you aren't paying so much to have your vehicle towed there. 
  4. Tell Your Insurance Company: Once you have your vehicle towed, you will want to call your insurance company to tell them where your vehicle is. This is important to ensuring that they know where to send out an adjustor to evaluate the condition of the vehicle, which is important for determining how much you will be compensated for after filing a claim.

After being involved in a car accident in which your vehicle has been totaled, always be sure that you save the receipts for the towing service and storage fees that you have endured. This is important for reimbursement issues, especially if the accident was not your fault.