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How To Make Your Towing Company Stand Out Among Your Competitors

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Running a towing company means you want to bring in as many customers as possible. This also means you need to find ways to differentiate your services from your competitors to help your company stand out. Here are ways you can make your towing company more appealing to customers, which can help take attention away from competition in your area.

Wider service availability

Extending your towing service availability can draw in more customers who are stranded out on the freeway and have limited access to tow truck drivers. Consider a wider service area for your county and beyond to make your towing company more likely to be the one that is called when a potential customer is in need of a towing service outside your area.

Get in with the auto insurance companies

When people break down, they often report their need of a towing service company to their auto insurance company, who in turn will recommend a towing company or send one out to their customers. Contact local auto insurance providers and let them know of your services and what you provide to your customers. Provide a list of your qualifications as well as testimonials so your company appears more favorable to others in the area. This can make your towing business the one that auto insurance companies will recommend because you are represented as a service provider people can trust.

Offer 24/7 service

If a vehicle gets left in a store parking lot or a customer breaks down in the middle of the night, you want to be the company they call. Extend your hours to 24/7 towing so you can nab the customers during the hours that other towing companies in your area may be shut down for the evening.

Provide more than one tow truck

Having more than one tow truck available for tows makes you more accessible to clients, so you don't have to turn customers away or make them wait for a tow. Consider having 2 or more tow trucks in your business so you are always available when your customers need you so they don't turn to someone else out of convenience. 

These are simple and doable ways you can make your towing company stand out among your competition. In extending your service area, making your company favorably known to local auto insurance providers, and even having more than 1 tow truck ready to assist customers, you can make your company reliable and easy to access for customers who will need your service. Contact a business, such as Fredericktown Marathon, for more ideas.