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Easy Ways To Reduce A Towing Bill

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Receiving a towing bill is never going to be a happy experience for most people. Especially since this bill is often because of a vehicle needing repairs, for illegal parking or after an accident. Of course, people are even less happy when their bill is higher than they expected. The reality is, many drivers make simple mistakes that can cost them more when they work with a towing company. Here are some ways to avoid these mistakes and save some money on a towing bill.

Not Using Plans

It is not just auto clubs and insurance policies that offer towing coverage. Many organizations provide their members with discounted road and towing services. This includes some veteran's groups and even credit card companies. Many vehicles now offer this as well for models up to a certain age or for a predetermined amount of miles. This coverage is not just available to the original buyer, but to any owner. All drivers should look through the manuals and paperwork for any newer-model vehicles they own and research organizations they are members of, to see if any discounts are available.

Giving Poor Instructions

Most towing companies will charge a set hookup rate and a mileage charge. The miles are often calculated from the time they leave their shop to where the towed vehicle is delivered. When customers call for a tow, it is important they are able to provide an accurate description of where they are and to know where it will go. Any deviations can lead to additional miles, and a higher bill. Another problem can be about knowing what equipment is needed. A truck on its roof in a ditch will need more than a car involved in a minor accident. The average driver will usually not know all of the equipment a towing service has, but accurately describing the damage and the scene can make it easier to have the right vehicle dispatched the first time.  

Waiting to Retrieve

Tows are not always ordered by the owner. In some instances, they are performed because the vehicle was left in an illegal parking spot or because the automobile was unregistered or uninsured. When this occurs, the vehicle is not able to be returned without paying for the towing fee and storage costs. Storage rates, or impound fees, accumulate daily and can be expensive. It is important to locate and retrieve any impounded vehicles as quickly as possible. Most auto clubs will not cover the cost of these tows. Remember too, any vehicle towed because it was not legal to be on the road will either need to be made legal or towed home (at the owner's expense) once the original bill is paid.

Towing companies provide a necessary and important service to their clients. Every customer has some control over the amount each tow will cost them. There are ways to reduce the costs and make the process easier. Always talk to the dispatcher or the driver about discounts the company may offer and what they need to make their job easier. Being on the scene, having the keys available or providing accurate insurance and contact information, are additional ways to ensure that every tow goes as smoothly as possible. 

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