Taking the Frustrations Out of Getting a Tow

3 Key Considerations When Looking At Equipment Transportation

Anyone looking to build a new office building knows the importance of having the right equipment on hand. However, you have to be able to get that equipment to the jobsite. If you can’t get it there, it isn’t going to do you any good. You need to look into an equipment hauling company that can deliver all of the big equipment you need to get the job done. Not sure where to start? Here are three key considerations when looking for equipment transportation. How the rates are calculated. You need to know if the rates are determined by the job as a whole or if they charge by the mile. You don’t want to think you are getting a flat-rate only to find out the contract was by the mile. Some might even charge by the hour, starting when they leave the shop. You want to make sure you ask all of the specifics about how you are being charged and when. This will make sure you are within your budget with the move. How soon an appointment is available. If you are in a time crunch, you don’t want to have to wait a month or two to get an appointment. You want to get an appointment as quickly as you can to get the job underway. Knowing how far out the company is for appointments will help you determine how quickly you need to book your appointment with the company. Any extra fees you might be charged. Ask if there are any extra fees associated with the haul. Extra fees might be because the weight of the load is more than allowed, it took longer than planned or the mileage wasn’t the same as originally thought. By knowing what else you could be charged for up front, you will be able to plan your move accordingly and be prepared for any possible additional fees that might be imposed on you. By knowing the information above, you can make sure you book the right company to do the job. You don’t want to end up choosing a company just because they are the first one you call. It’s important that you are on the same page and you feel comfortable with the company you hire. If you are ever in doubt about what you are doing, turn to the equipment hauling company with any questions you might have. […]

3 Things To Do Before A Tow Truck Arrives

Statistics show that there are about 5.6 million semi trucks registered in the United States today. These trucks are responsible for transporting goods across the country, but they are susceptible to mechanical failure from time to time. If you have recently secured a position as a semi driver, it’s important that you know how to prepare your truck for tractor trailer towing. Here are three things you should be doing before a tow truck arrives to ensure that your semi is ready to be towed in the future. 1. Set up your safety flares. If you are broken down on the side of the road, it’s important that you take precautions to ensure that you remain safe while waiting for a tow truck driver. Drivers might have a difficult time seeing your inoperable truck at night, and you risk being hit unless you take the time to set up your safety flares. Independent testing shows that three flares can create the equivalent safety zone of a police cruiser with its light bar engaged. Placing these three flares along the roadside leading up to your truck will warn drivers to pass with caution. 2. Disconnect your trailer to make towing easier. The maximum load a semi can haul is about 80,000 pounds, making them 20 to 30 times heavier than the average passenger vehicle. Since a tow truck likely won’t be able to haul both your semi and your fully loaded trailer, it’s essential that you disconnect your trailer before the tow truck driver arrives. By having your trailer disconnected prior to the tow truck driver’s arrival, you will be able to reduce the amount of time it takes to get your semi loaded on the tow truck and on its way to the shop for repairs. 3. Contact your insurance company. If your semi truck breaks down, you will want to contact your insurance company as soon as possible. Many commercial drivers carry insurance policies that help subsidize the cost of towing services. By letting your insurance company know that you have contacted a tow truck driver, you will be able to provide the necessary payment information when the tow truck driver arrives. Contacting your insurance company immediately after breaking down helps expedite any claim that you will need to file in relation to your towing experience. Having to tow your semi can be frustrating, but taking the time to […]

The ABCs Of Preparing As A Driver For Winter Driving Emergencies

When you set out in your car on a cold winter day or evening, you fully expect that you will get where you intend to go. However, along with the winter weather comes the possibility of rapidly changing weather conditions and the roads can get bad really quick. You can always count on a towing service to come to your rescue, even in the depths of winter. However, you may be stranded for a bit while they make their way to your vehicle. Therefore, it is a good idea to be a prepared driver by remembering these ABCs of preparing your car for winter driving emergencies. Always check the weather before you leave the house in the winter. Keep a close eye on weather forecasts and conditions throughout the winter, especially when you have to take off on a longer than usual trip. Rain can change over to ice in a matter of minutes, snow can accumulate quickly, and it is way too easy to get stranded if you are caught in a sudden unexpected weather change. Be alert to even small issues with how your vehicle performs. Even though a weak battery, low tire, or engine miss may be no terribly big concern normally, when the weather is colder than usual, even small issues can be a big deal. You should always make sure that your vehicle is in good condition mechanically before you set out in the cold. Some issues can be exacerbated by the cold, such as a weak battery or even a low tire, because the cold temperatures can deplete the battery faster than usual and even shrink what air you do have in your tires. Create a winter survival kit for your car. When roadway conditions change suddenly and you are forced to stay put while waiting on a towing service to help you out, you may have to wait a while for help to arrive. During this time, you and your passengers will need some things to stay safe. Grab a backpack or tote and fill it with: high-protein snacks, like nuts and granola bottled water emergency blankets a battery-powered radio hand warmers flashlight and extra batteries Driving in the winter can always bring about a few added concerns as a driver. Be sure you talk with a towing service representative, such as John’s Wrecker Service, for more information about staying prepared for the […]